Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Some random questions and my answers in green.

1. Are you a fashion victim or do you have a more relaxed style?

No. Haven't a clue about fashion I'm afraid!

2. Do you have a non-conformist side?

Yes.  Perhaps a more appropriate question would be do I have a conformist side!

3. Would you be able to spend an entire weekend at home reading?

Yes.  Either novels, books on philosophical issues.  Books on parapsychology, etc

4. Who do you find more amusing, Blackadder or Mr Bean?

Blackadder by far!  Love his cynical observations.  Especially like the fourth series set in the 1st world war.  Everyone enthusiastic about fighting the hun, but Blackadder seeing the war for what it is.

5. Do you on odd occasions like to have deep meaningful discussions about whether God exists, whether there is a "life after death" etc?

Yes.  Although I confine my discussions over the net normally.  I use discussion boards, blogs and even facebook to voice my opinions on such issues. 

6. Do you believe in a "life after death" and that there is an ultimate purpose to our lives?

Yes.  The issue is complex.  We seem to cease to exist in deep sleep every night, and that makes it feel very reasonable to suppose this life is all we have.  On the other hand there is a great deal of evidence suggesting survival (i.e "life after death").  And there are other issues too which favour survival.

7. Do you tend to be pensive (yes) or are you normally quite lighthearted?

No.  But sometimes yes.  Depends on my mood!

8. Did you read Enid Blyton books when you were a child?

Yes.  I absolutely loved Enid Blyton!  The number of times I read books like the famous five, Adventure series (Island of Adventure et al), R adventure series (The Rockingdown Mystery et al), The Five Find Outers and Dog (the mystery of the burnt cottage et al) you wouldn't believe.

9. Do you get easily offended?

No.  Although I do get pissed off with people.  I have a friend for example who has continually been nagging me for the past 25 years to be more normal and have normal interests. 

10. Do you think backwards time travel is possible if our technology were sufficiently advanced?

No.  But this is a really difficult question!  Did you know that forward time travel is possible?  Not just at the normal rate.  I mean by travelling extremely close to the speed of light, or entering a strong gravitational speed, you can travel into the future.  Hence it is theoretically possible for you to travel to the year 3000 and only age a week say.  But you wouldn't be able to get back to 2012.  Or at least you might be able to but that's the question we're asking! 

11. Do you believe that computers/robots/androids could ever become conscious in contrast to merely appearing to be conscious?

No.  If we are mere biological robots it should be possible.  But even if we accept we are, a computer merely follows instructions.  So the answers to questions it provides are not due to a conscious understanding, but by mechanically following rules.  Is a calculator conscious because it gives the answer to the square root of 2?

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