Saturday, 22 July 2017

Could there have been absolutely nothing?

You know, I can grasp that perhaps my life has no purpose, that we are all biological robots living out our purposeless lives in a purposeless Universe. 

I can grasp too that the human race as a whole has no purpose. Soon -- a few thousand, a few million years time, or however long -- the very last human being will die and humanity will be no more, not ever again. And in a sense human beings might as well never have existed. Yes, I can grasp that.

But when I try to grasp that the totality of all thingsthe whole Universe (or multiverse or whatever), has no purpose, and might as well never have existed? I find that I momentarily grasp the enormity of that, or at least I seem to get the faintest glimpses of it, but then my mind immediately slips away. As if I'm thinking, but there must be something, something beyond the Universe. To think that absolutely nothing could have been the case, is too mind-blowing. I find my mind cannot grasp it.

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