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What determines where we go should there be an afterlife?

Should there be an afterlife I suspect we don't all go to the same place.  I would speculate that the afterlife realm will consist of different levels and/or quite distinct environments.  Moreover, I also suspect it wouldn't be our behaviour in and of itself which determines our final destiny in the afterlife realm, but rather what might be labelled our "intrinsic essence". 

Why not our behaviour?  Off the top of my head I can think of 3 reasons.   Firstly, our behaviour is highly influenced by the state of our brains. Just consider someone like Phineas Gage. Or how peoples' behaviour is affected after they've consumed a large amount of alcohol. Secondly, our behaviour is inevitably hugely influenced by our peers and what is deemed appropriate and acceptable and normal for ones culture. Indeed we are all actors and try to behave in a way consistent with our past actions and what other people expect of us.  And thirdly, we can get into habits which are psychologically difficult to break out of.

This is not to deny there will be a correlation between behaviour in this life and our final destination.  For it seems to me that our intrinsic essence will also presumably play a large role in influencing our behaviour.  However, due to the aforementioned influences, this will not be a perfect correlation; indeed perhaps far from it.

So I would speculate that whether we go to a pleasant realm, or unpleasant realm, will be determined by our intrinsic essence.  But what do I mean by intrinsic essence?  Briefly I mean what we truly are.  More specifically our capacity, or at least latent capacity, for love, empathy, compassion and so on, or contrariwise the presence of hatred, malice, self-absorption and so on.

However in my opinion it seems somewhat implausible that we will be judged by any external entities or source, rather I suspect it will be our intrinsic essence which will "gravitate" us towards the appropriate levels/environments in the afterlife realm.   So finding ourselves in a pleasant environment or indeed unpleasant environment in the afterlife realm (Heaven or Hell) will not be because we are being rewarded or punished.  Rather it will be our innate natures which propel us there.  Of course, everyone at some point will probably harbour negative thoughts, and this might temporarily propel people to those realms not entirely appropriate to their essence, but their inner essence will shortly reassert itself so that we will eventually find ourselves in that environment/level which mirrors our true essence and affinities. Of course should this be correct we will find ourselves in the company of like-minded individuals. 


  1. I suspect an afterlife environment which mirrors our state of awareness and beliefs might seem to us quite natural, even attractive and more suitable. Such as if during life one is attracted or addicted to such things as excitement, or drugs, or compulsive sex or eating, one might be inclined if given a choice hang out with others of like mind as they would in life gravitate to live in a neighborhood where these experiences are readily at hand and be bored by or want to avoid others who might be deemed more advanced or free from repeating habitual behaviors. Even in the afterlife birds of a feather might deem it more pleasurable if not inevitable to flock together. Perhaps there is personal growth though if one gains insight into how and why they are creating with their beliefs certain afterlife realities, where time is not linear it wouldn't matter much if it may take subjectively even thousands of years to get unstuck or move on.

  2. Cool blog Ian. I hope it catches on to more and more people. Great discussion, I saw your comment on Curtis Childs' video and thought I'd have a look. As I read and listen to more and more discussions , and as I try to gather what the messages I receive from a non physical source mean, I've come to realize just how much more there is to know, also if right this very second someone were to offer up some verbiage of what the big picture consists of, trying to make sense of it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to grasp. What I know for sure is how much we don't know. I think the Human experience here on Earth is monitored and very limited. I say this as someone who has had clear cut messaging from some 'thing' divine!
    How far can we expand beyond these limits that have to be there for a reason? How much insight and knowledge can we even comprehend? My excitement has been downgraded to uncertainty. I do believe however that here on earth, no matter who you are, for each individual there is perfection in the process.

    1. Hi thanks for your kind comments Mario. Yes I think we humans know very little indeed. Perhaps the big questions of existence are simply beyond the intellectual capacity of human beings to grasp. But it's good to think about these things. And thinking and reading is all I've got to go on since I haven't had any NDEs or had any mystical experiences.

    2. Hard to believe Ian that you haven't had any mystical experiences. Maybe you just weren't paying attention. But thinking about what determines our after life environment and experience, some will be similar to what determines our current life experiences. One might be born to poor parents in some smoggy industrial area of a city, surrounded by working class poor, slick aspiring young hoodlums and pious aunts grandmothers catholic church goers, as a kid you might gravitate toward those with similar beliefs, , maybe follow fathers grandfathers occupations resigned to think you can't change things, or get into some gangs determined to get over or get out, or decide to become a priest or cop or go to college, Alot might also depend on your predispositions health, energy level, how bold or timid you interacted with the world, introverted or extroverted, athletic or bookish, but your experiences and beliefs about your own power to change things, were you self motivated or a leader, how easily bored or did you seek thrills or comfort, how much acceptance validation did you need, Some parts of your "essence" came on board with you at birth, others developed through trial and error, did you seek out contacts with certain attitudes certain attractions to sensations or emotions. When you die you might quickly settle in with loved ones friends family who are on much the same track as when alive, you might carry with you tendencies to explore other environments, you might learn quickly to develop skills and powers to seek and create environments new and seeklsoul communities that resonate with soul purposes , communicating with guidance exploring other releams, or be stuck with anger fear and repeat midstakes that validate those? I think the more you are comfortable developing and using you powers, the more exciting and far reaching your after life experiences will be and better to plan future lives, you "essence" my be somewhat the same but develop each life, good and bad won't be a heavy judgement things but healing growth aspiration and understanding will determine how free you are and you will move toward the soul vibes - music that rocks and creates your world. Well i plan just to wave at my family of this life and zip as far as my "escape velocity" will take me, probably still determined to do things my way even if it is the hard way at times...

    3. Is there any chance of retrieving my long post on fee will that got lost? dang dang i put alot of work into it

    4. How did it get lost? The post isn't on here. Not in my spam folder or anywhere.


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