Tuesday, 8 November 2016

A creator or a multiverse?

Let's imagine there only existed one planet in the entire Universe, and it is Earth. Now I would suggest that it would be utterly extraordinary if it just happened to be ideally suited for life. It would be far far more likely that it would be a planet wholly devoid of any life.

But, of course, there are at least trillions of planets in the Universe. The overwhelming majority are likely to be hostile to life. So why do we happen to live on one suitable for life? Well, obviously because we couldn't have evolved on any of the planets hostile to life!

Now, the Earth is ideally suited for life. Hence, even if we knew of the existence of no other planets, it would be overwhelmingly likely that zillions of other planets must exist.

This is the precise same argument whereby we infer there must exist zillions of other Universes, all with different physical properties. In the overwhelming majority of such Universes life simply could not arise. The reason why we live in an incredibly unusual Universe that happens to permit life is precisely the same reason why we happen to live on a planet which is ideally suited to life.

The other alternative is to suppose there is only one Universe. The reason why the physical constants and properties permit life must be because some outside influence -- a creator of some description -- constrains the Universe to be that way.

Obviously scientists prefer the multiverse hypothesis.


  1. There is another possibility: there is only one universe, but if it allows the appearance of living beings, it is because in one of its stages allows the appearance of living beings, by chance.

  2. Hi Juan,
    I wouln't consider that to be a realistic possibility.

  3. "Obviously scientists prefer the multiverse hypothesis."

    They prefer it because mathematical models attests to it. No amount of math can attest to a creator.

  4. Hi John,

    You specifically looked for my blog?

    Anyway, mathematics is used to describe the patterns in the Universe. Mathematics cannot conjure up a googolplexian number of other Universes. And even our physical theories can only refer to this Universe with its particular physical properties and laws.


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