Monday, 19 September 2016

An extremely short refutation of materialism

Think of Lego. You can stick the bricks together and make lots of interesting things. But if sticking together a load of lego bricks -- even if the bricks could move in relation to each other -- somehow produced pain or greenness or hope or despair or intentionality, then that would be kind of magical.

Exactly the same applies to the ultimate constituents of matter.


  1. "Exactly the same applies to the ultimate constituents of matter"

    Biology is quite distinct from lego blocks and is far more sophisticated and took millions of years to evolve based on natural selection. There are about a trillion connections in your brain. We are bio-chemical machines that have evolved based on environmental pressures and a host of other reasons.

    All the evidence favors on the side that consciousness stems from the brain and no evidence exists for any unfalsifiable, paranormal belief that consciousness exists outside matter. I'm not even sure why someone would entertain such a thought except through some form of religiosity and a priori indoctrination of woo.

  2. Hi John,

    The complexity of biology is an irrelevance. See my "Science, the Afterlife and the Intelligentsia".


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