Thursday, 18 November 2021

Hostile reactions to the evidence for an afterlife

I read this Mail article concerning ghosts.

In the comments someone says:
Why we pay the BBC to promulgate such nonsense at further expense to the vulnerable sadly bereaved I have no idea.
I often hear this sentiment that such anomalous experiences shouldn't even be mentioned. So, there are certain characteristic anomalous experiences that have been experienced across human history and across all cultures, but they shouldn't even be mentioned? Shouldn't even be discussed? Why? Because it's obvious that people are simply making up these stories? And this explanation is so obvious that no one should even be allowed to discuss them? Do these "sceptics" ever worry that their conviction is an artefact of the culture they find themselves born in? That had they had lived in a different time or place they would view these experiences very differently? How can they be certain that these experiences are made up or are mere hallucinations? Are we allowed to ask that, or is not even that permitted?

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